Why my Exclusive Retail brand store is not doing required sales despite of enough footfalls ?

I expect your store is an exclusive mono-brand store or urban organized retail set up and mature enough since tasks began. The extravagance of client walk-ins however poor sales is one of the basic issues with numerous retailers and that is the reason they go through with spending huge amounts of cash just to be significant in client mind share. Pl, begin taking a good look into following fragments of business on regular basis. Following are top 9 Practical and everyday retail qualities need sincere consideration in detail:

Product Assortment

The very first element is the alignment of merchandise with the choice preference of your catchment area. Your chances of sale improve when assortment is in line with demand. The idea is having the correct items, in the opportune spot, at the perfect time, for the shoppers. To have a focused merchandise collection strategy will give you a clear cut edge over the surrounding shopping environment in today’s cut throb competition. At the point when done successfully, a focused merchandise collection strategy can fuel your business’ development.

Staff Quality

A very important factor in a successful retail business. Well, grannies and groomed staff is a must for better sale through. A franchise should invest in staff training and grooming standards as these efforts will add a long term value in overall operations. Pl also read for more information Staff Management

Store Facade

Spruced up and inviting storefront is a must for commuters to notice the store. Retailer spends enough time and resources to keep maintaining the storefront regularly as that is the first thing any shopper notice about the store. It is a proven fact that the beautiful and attractive store window increases the sale by 8%-10% on an average over the existing run. Another aspect of the store façade is the “Store Signage”, clear and neat signage will give an add on push to the customer psyche, consumers now days are a brand conscious and clear message of brand availability is always good in terms of getting loyal customers to your entryway.

Store Ambiance

A well maintained soothing environment in-store makes a lot of difference when it comes to the point when we expect customers to spend more time browsing the assortment. Important elements are – in store play Music, Staff behavior, Declutter Billing desk, neat and clean trail rooms, Top class Store Hygiene Level.

Visual Merchandising

Neat and clean display without cluttering the merchandise makes a very good impression for customer and makes life easy for staff and retailer as well. Proper Visual merchandising helps to promote the store image, product assortment, and services of a retail store. It works as additional manpower in your store to create striking product displays and store layouts and design to appeal to customers and boost sales.

Retail KPIs

A successful business in retail should constantly exercise different aspects that help them to score high in revenues and grow by keeping up pace with developments around your region of the market area. Each aspect is often defined as a key performance indicator (KPI). There is many computable retail KPIs but a few of them are of specific prominence across the massive area of retail. Knowing & Learning which KPIs are most important for your business to track is the first step. Few major sales incremental Retail KPIs are:

  • PSFPD (Sale Per Sq Ft Per Day)
  • Average Basket Value (ABV) & Average Basket Size (ABS)
  • Sales Conversion Rates
  • Sales to Retail Staff Ratio
  • Return on Investment
  • Business Sale Through Rate

Timely circulation Scheme & Offers as and when required

Incentivize customers to come through your door as Increasing retail sales is the name, boosting is the game. You need to get the customer in the entryway. Furthermore, how are you going? Offering bargains that make a need to keep moving (think 25 percent off all top-wear garments this end of the week only), is an extraordinary strategy for getting shopper in your entryway ASAP. Pl, see if this is something needed & required as this will give a dent to your margin as well. Though any kind of offer or discount should be kept as a last option once all major retail operation related aspects being addressed well enough.

Social Media Integration

Nowadays few of the challenging tasks for retailers are to bring potential customers in your store and promoting the place of retail among the targeted catchment. Retailers can address these challenges precisely with the help of SMM and address the range of stakeholders through it, including current and potential customers, current and potential employees, journalists, bloggers, and the general public. Following few are the advantages when you implement Social Media Marketing in your

  • It also helps you to upgrade your services & Products basis on the feedback provided by your customers
  • Help to improve customer recall for your store/brand.
  • Improve walk-ins
  • Successful new launch for Product or Service
  • Improve brand loyalty through direct reach to your TG.

Work towards to make your Store a “Purpose”

To furthermore inflate Secondary sales in retail, consider changing over your business from a basic store to a Purpose-driven point of sale. Doing so will give you an edge on the competition and online retailers that may offer lower costs, however, do not have that personal touch & feel. To accomplish this, offer perks that make the shopping experience increasingly wonderful. This drives more potential footfalls, yet it can save existing customers in your store for more, improving the probability that they’ll make a buy or increment their bucket size.

Excellent Shopper Service and the ‘Wow’ Moment

Getting incremental walk-ins into your store is a massive part of the “sales enhancement process”. That is the reason each shopper who gets through your entryway ought to be dealt with like an esteemed asset. Welcome with a smile through the entryway, discover what they need rapidly, and make a special effort to make their experience a personal one each time. In any case, if they’ve gotten through your entryway, you are sheltered to accept they need an exceptional encounter. It’s completely dependent upon you to make sense of how to give them precisely that.

Hope this will help to aspiring Retailers. Pl, revert through the comment box if need any help regarding the store operation related problems… would be more than happy to help.


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