Why the “Customer First” Mindset?

Customer First Mindset

Your small retail business succeeds on your customers, so it just simple logic that you’re committed to putting your customers first. Putting the customer first, in basic terms, implies that a business puts the needs and prerequisites of a customer in front of everything without any doubt.

Retailers that ‘put the client first’ are normally gossiped about as customer-oriented, customer-driven, or customer first Stores/Point of sale. They are positioned towards serving the customer’s needs and measure consumer reliability levels to decide the success of their trade.


Let’s discuss one of the most important aspects of retail business which usually gets nearly neglected by most of the small retailers at a larger stage.

What does “Customer First MindSet” mean for Retailers?

It’s a simple thought where Retailers design their entire Promotion, Product, Placement, & Pricing as per the target customer base. Such a business attempts to shape sound relations with their shoppers by recognizing their requirements and giving the most superlative buying experience to its customers.

Such businesses give extraordinary consideration and design their Retail KPIs on putting the customer’s needs in front of whatever else, and conclude the deal by giving a personalized customer experience.

They likewise recognize and thank their customers for their business now and then, through different various practices and conducts.

Companies such as Nike, Samsonite, TATA, Apple, and Google are just a few examples of “customer first” approach based business models. For these organizations, being placing the customers first in the entire value chain isn’t a strategy, it’s a philosophy!

Why is it important to keep the customer first?

To be profitable and market-relevant, a retail business needs to constantly change and adjust to its customer’s ever-changing needs and expectations. If they fail to understand and don’t react to it in time, they will miss out on their rivals who are quite ready & better at it, simple as that. In this way, putting the customer first and having “the customer first mindset” is fundamental for customer maintenance and brand loyalty.

We can measure the impact of the “Customer-driven” approach with the performance of Apple’s “iPhone” since the last decade or so & now having precisely 11th addition accessible in the market, still, they have effectively kept it as a premium handset and enjoying the consumer mind share firmly connected with their product offering.


How can small retailers develop a customer-focused attitude?

Ask what the client needs & get inside their mind share. Primary and secondary market research is vital here. Gathering information through different strategies will furnish you with basic data about what shoppers anticipate from you, and how you can satisfy their needs.

Personal Touch – Aside from some of the traditional ways, retailers can take the help of Social Media & collect such basic but vital information as Birth dates, Anniversaries, Special occasions, festivals, etc. This information can be used later as a guiding line to design and deliver a customer-centric marketing strategy to align with sales objectives.

Service Precision – Try to Sell them what they looking forward to purchasing. attempt to give them the best worth with value for money shopping. This is the thing that shoppers see while deciding if they would need to visit your store next time or not.

Accessibility– Make sure that your clients get simple access to every single one of your merchandise and services consistently while shopping in your store. Regardless of whether you choose to do this without anyone’s help, or through a specialist group is your call. Train your team to keep customer needs as a high priority.

Sense of Gratitude – show appreciation to your customers for the business that they give you, for shopping from your store, for utilizing your products and services. Express gratitude toward them through various methods – from a simple ‘thank you message’ over social media. Have a conversation with your customers, react to them, talk with them, and become more familiar with them.

Incentivize your Customers – Reward your customers from time to time for the loyalty they have shown towards your business. You can do this through – loyalty programs, offers, sales or reward points, running customized promos, having a small get together, via a contest, and so on. Give something back to your customers. Be as innovative with this as you can consider some fresh possibilities.

Customer Feedback – Permit shoppers to simply leave you feedback, and/or reach to you through different ways – App, social media page, blog, phone, email, etc. Proper action to customer feedback make your business quickly famous among the shoppers as everybody likes to listen and understood.


What precisely creates brilliant & delighted “customer service”?

Right Product Assortment – The base of your business is the right assortment of products and services. If you can’t fulfill your customer expectation in terms of products and services, they won’t sense like they’re your top priority. Get this straight-out & understood first before moving ahead.

Service after Sales– After the shopping, your client needs to realize you’re still there for them when needed. Have a speedy and proficient follow-up escalation framework set up for returns, Pdt upgrade feedback, or something else that surfaces.

Cultivate Trust- Past billing & delivery, clients need to feel like you understand their requirements and have their needs kept nearby to the soul. At the end of the day, care for your customers first as people, furthermore as customers. If you modify their customer support understanding as expected, they’ll understand you’re participating in customer relationships.

Knowledge Share– Your customers need to gain from you. How might you educate them to assist them with improving their organizations and their lives? This is the last degree of desire, and it can make the strongest bond between you and your customer base.

Adapt and modify your approach with phase. Your customers and their expectation and needs are changing all the time. likewise, your merchandises, services, and your solutions need a flavor of enhancements.

Be sure to nurture a sense of community within your “customer loyalty program” and transform it into a social space where folks can engage with each other. Once a customer senses like they fit in and belong, they’ll be more likely to tell others about your brand or point of sale. The Customer First Mindset in the retail business is an extremely important stance for any retailer to take.


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