Top 10 tips to improve the effectiveness of Print media advertisement


Newspaper advertising or print media advertisement is an edge old and proven way of promoting your business and services. It can fill your pocket with business leads and customers, however, your conversion rate of those leads will likely be low compared with other promoting mediums, such as the Internet or social media.

But still, Newspaper advertising has been around for a long time than any other method of sales promotions for small retailers we see today and is still the “first choice advertising” platform for some very lucrative businesses such as Retail, real estate, jewelry, automobiles, etc.

Why Paper ad is still effective?

  • Reach is immense and in our surroundings, People are habitual of reading newspapers; maximum individuals start their day by reading a newspaper.  
  • Newspaper Advertisement is effective because it gives credibility to your brand. Its Impact is bursting and authoritative as in when you read the content.
  • Out of many areas of life, Newspaper reader class comes under intellectual class and decision-makers of house.
  • These paper ads can do more than publicize one product or any deals and quite helpful to acquire clients and afterward bring them back over and over again.

What are the target markets while doing print media advertisement?

Target market is completely depending on the nature of ad campaign mas explained below:

  • If it’s a lucrative and a premium as campaign such as a Real Estate ad – TG will be all semi-urban earning individuals class.
  • If its retail brand ad campaign – TG will be Youth by promoting the product in youth-centric supplements.
  • If it’s a jewelry ad campaign – TG will be HNI clients and local language newspapers will be given preference to establish a personal touch.
  • If its social message than community magazines will be the best way to connect.
  • Any segment of business or social engagement can be a target market here

Let’s discuss and elaborate on how to make your paper or print media advertisement campaign a successful one

Paper advertisement campaign tips


If you are planning to do an ad campaign for real estate and same-day phone lines doesn’t work your campaign will fail. If you are advertising and on the same day you are running short of stock. Again your campaign will fail. So preparation is most necessary.

2.Choice of Media

Let’s say, if you are promoting a luxury brand and you are choosing a local newspaper or a no 4 publication it will not give a proper response, or if it’s a fashion brand doing an ad in education times also will not work. So the choice of a media plan is extremely important before going ahead in print media advertisement.

 3.Choice of Newspapers

The choice of newspaper to select for an ad campaign is extremely critical for retailers. Your prima facia TG and its readership relevancy need to be check in advance before going ahead. 50% of your job is done once you have selected the right platform to reach your TG customers.

4.Lucrative & Impressive creative

Creative designing needs to be given prime importance while paper ad campaign and it has to be eye-catchy. Your ad appearance and design will be the first thing ant viewer notices.

5.Clear message

Second, after design comes to the message you want to put for promotion. Things to remember are the offer we are floating in, the occasion of paper ad, what product or services we are promoting, it has to be communicated with a clear message.

6.Right publication

Choice publication section is the most important aspect in any ad campaign, for example,/; if you are promoting a financial product it has to be on economic times or on the financial page. If the fashion products it has to be in a fashion-centric page or supplement, if it is a Real estate – property page, etc.

7.Budget and product cost

Print advertisement is the most expensive mode of advertising in all mediums of advertising. Like any other expenses, planning and calculation of budget here in this regard have to be in equation of product and ad campaign budget. Usually, you can negotiate rates with smaller regional newspapers or publications that don’t have the target readership in their marketplace. But once you have a yearly contract or a nice juicy ad design your chances of negotiating with larger players become better.

8.Right day

This is connected to the product or service category you fall into. E.g. If I am a floating offer for the Ganpati festival, we need to float one week prior or from the day offer start on only ending day.

If it’s a kind of seasonal special offer, the announcement of ads will be helpful in generating vibe. If you are promoting travel destination Sunday will give you a filtered response.

9.Consistency of Paper ad

Yes, Single ad will not give you much response, consistency has to be there. Continuous hammering on customer mind share gives long term and satisfactory turnaround. But you should not run the same basic ad design or format repeatedly.

10.Variation in ads

The same message or creative will not respond to much variation in creativity has to be there to get people to attract. This gives a versatile approach and takes the brand to attract a larger customer base with different tastes and choices.

How to make ad campaign low cost, effective & successful?

  • Now days may publication has started Barter systems, profit-sharing deals with advertisers, who offer lucrative deals for an advertiser. The publication takes care of media plan designs, including creatives.
  • Apart from that many publications offers “welcome rates” to small advertisers or new advertisers to bring them on boards and increase their reach untapped markets.
  • Apart from that retailers promote their offers by doing multiple innovations, sampling through print ads.
  • So in the end, Print media is here to stay for a long and let’s shout out loud again “Print campaign is big-time helpful for brand building”.

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