Best Methods to Increase “In-Store Execution” Process


Retail is not an easy industry to work in, particularly during these times. It’s quite likely for retailers & employees to feel demotivated and aloof in absence of an “in-store execution” process.

As a paucity of customer’s walk-ins around the stores, leaving careless store displays in their wake, it can be hard to find the drive to fix the store display and arrange the financial cost.

Shoppers are still facing challenges in their day to day living – Professions, Work from Home (WFH), Panic of virus contamination, etc.

While sitting on the side-lines, hopeful that business will be back to as usual – 100% of March 2021, when shoppers would walk into the store more often, then we will perhaps need to do “something” to have their “mind share” even if we are not “selling” our products & services to them.

Once, the shopper commute in the market is normal or improved, retailers need to focus and expedite on the “in-store Executions” process to optimize the little or limited customer footfalls into sales.

What is In-store Execution in retail?

  • “In-store retail implementation” is known to optimize sales and reduce opex costs = Good ROI.
  • Emphasizes the correct implementation of brand guidelines, effective promotions, and everything that required to deliver a flawless retail experience to shoppers.
  • A successful in-store implementation strategy is a set of customizing behaviors, best retail practices, and tools that make speedy, dependable, and seamless process executions easy for retailers.
  • Process of consistent high-quality customer experience for top class brand engagement.

Why is an effective in-store Execution strategy essential for small retailers?

  • Improve the in-store retail experience quicker & in line with brand objectives.
  • Effectively increase Retail KPIs such as conversion rates, ABS, ASP, PSFPD, and pump-up sales, due to enhanced customer experience.
  • Store become more agile, responsive, and competitive, as it’s easier to try new things and drop them if the success rate is low.
  • Help to prioritize things and avoid procrastination.
  • Increase staff’s job satisfaction and engagement, because it gives them feeling they’re contributing to store performance and delighted shoppers.
  • Customers enjoy shopping more because they feel valued and being taken care of.
  • The browsing process becomes fast for customers because store teams have more time available to help them as the right and accurate VM is in place.

For all the above and other well-known advantages of in-store implementations, how do you actually master it? Below, 5 tips to help you improve the in-store implementation process across your store/stores.

1. Pursue clear SOP (Standard Operating Process)

This seems quite obvious but is often ignored by retailers and treated as an obvious process without giving much-required attention. Foremost, design, define and describe clear retail operating standards in the store.

The narrative of the operating standards should be stretched enough to clearly describe what creates a successful retail business & how to achieve it, state the objective and identify the ingredients that make up the ideal standard operating process.

2. Provide right framework to SOP 

Place the operating standard in the right context. Describe in detail why it’s needed in the first place and why it’s important to follow the SOP. Explain the importance of SOP and nurture focus at store level regarding operating process & adherence to compliance.

Demonstrate your standards with in-store visuals. E.g. the use of a “best-practice” portrait, attached to each operating standard, drives the idea to visualize the main objective and attaining the right standards. It’s important to make SOP accessible and commonly available to read and lookout as it is useless unless reviewed frequently by store staff & respective personals.

3. Morning team briefing

  • Team Briefings outline the objectives of the team, assess past performance, retail math, and discuss any possible queries that anyone may have.
  • It is also an opportunity to communicate wider organizational messages to your team members. Briefings should be undertaken regularly in order to stay on top of all projects.
  • All members should be present. Steering a morning briefing is a significant ability for any floor leader/in charge and have set out the importance do follow rules.
  • Firstly, it is essential that team objectives are outlined in the briefing which comprises the goals of the team, and how they bring into line with the organization’s overall goals and responsibilities.
  • Once this has been done, it is also important to listen to feedback from the team about past projects and the new objectives.
  • Listening and reacting to the needs of the team and subsequently tailoring future plans is the key to effective leadership.
  • Another key skill in these scenarios is to ensure all members are involved and are making an equal contribution
  • The key skill here is to involve all team members equally.

4. Execute an action plan for better in-store execution

The action plan is an opportunity and a vehicle for improvement to apply corrective actions to problem areas and bottlenecks.

Cultivate Task and responsibilities Participation – Get senior supervisors and partner chiefs to close down and take an interest in the audit of the visit. This offers them the chance to give their info and input. Your chiefs are at the forefronts. Most administrators are quick to drive their business forward, and their interest is totally basic to the achievement of their business and the brand.

Advocate and promote learning – Remember to regard every single visit as an occasion to apportion “persistent preparing”. Learning and preparing, especially course reading learning, can be conceptual, yet a store visit isn’t.

5. Influence individuals and strategies/assets

Acknowledge you need both incredible individuals and extraordinary instruments. Depend on programming devices to do what programming specializes in: record, ascertain, and total. Depend on individuals, for this situation, your activities gathering, to do what individuals specialize in: give judgment and bits of knowledge dependent on experience.

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