Hygiene Quotient for Retail Customer Post Covid-19 Shopping Behavior


The most important aspect of retail business from here onwards for retailers to consider will be the understanding of the ideal store hygiene level for customers and their personal Hygiene Quotient.

Each retailer needs now to invest and understand that only those stores will get footfalls that are following the required norms when it comes to safety and hygiene standards in the new normal.

“Hygiene Quotient” of retail space will be an important key post-COVID-19 era. We all now going through a difficult phase in our lives due to the corona pandemic & With the ongoing lockdown in the country, hygiene quotient (HQ) has arisen on uppermost of the consumers’ minds with research showing 643% increase in ‘how to wash hands’ searches, according to a report by Gypsy, the insights division of digital agency Tonic Worldwide. The report ‘India’s habits are changingDecoding the new Indian consumer’ highlights the evolving consumer sentiments and behavior in light of the ongoing pandemic prevailing in the country.

‘HQ” will be the next possible attribute monitored and observed by all of our posts in this COVID era. As slowly life will come back to normalcy people will be more aware and concerned with their health and immune level and that is directly proportionate to the level of hygiene they maintain in their day to day life while interaction and roaming around for leisure or work. so, for all of us hygiene level of others will also important to observe as that again if not maintained well might bring some infection or virus to oneself.


Post-COVID Retail SOP for Safe Shopping Experience for Stores & Customers

Store operations with a safe and hygienic environment will be very critical in a new era after the pandemic as hygiene and safety will be of foremost importance for shoppers. Pl, find below the glimpse of In-store standard operating procedure to follow the directives for cleaning the store from start till day end with the best of the cleaning methods and Practice to follow.


Why the hygiene level of stores & following COVID SOP is important for retailers?

1. First, it is important for retailers and their staff also to be safe

2. Customer mindset – To be safe and sound while shopping and avoid the contamination

3. COVID SOP follow will increase the trust of shoppers for the store and its practices

4. Sales improvement as the majority of the crowd will get pulled to the safe and clean retail space

5. To avoid any govt penalties related to virus spreading or COVID guideline

6. Awareness related to Pandemic – Gives a clear message to society and playing your part as a responsible citizen.   


“HQ” & healthy eating habits is not a new concept in the country, infect followed & practiced for ages but somehow lost the track in the past few decades due to change in our lifestyles.  

I clearly remember during my childhood to have warm milk or water in night before sleep, less TV and better sleep habits, morning walks or early morning cricket matches, Good protein-based breakfast (as was limited access to packaged food), homemade achhars, Papad, Multigrain Chutney, excessive use of garam masalas in food, etc. Now, all these have again taken place during lockdown instead of outside junk food and have put a break to bad eating habits we got used to in past few years.  

Better immunity is the only cure so far for this disease and will the best one always.   Corona made us realize that there was a need for a reboot and a slower pace in life with more emphasis on the right way of life than just running around and chasing.

“Better immune healthier living”


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