How to Keep Retail Floor Staff Motivated During Tough Times?

What is staff motivation?

Being a retailer Small or large. It is imperative to comprehend the value of staff proficiency as they are one of the most significant of four important mainstays of retail activity/interface set up other than Stock, Visual Merchandising, and Ambiance which contribute to bringing the clients and business to your entryways.

Why Staff Motivation important?

The task of achieving numbers became relatively easy when your staff is fully charged and motivated on the floor & giving their hundred percent while attending customers or maintaining store in a day to day practice. It also helps precisely to maintain the positive environment in-store/Floor as a happy staff is a key to the successful business everywhere and during the tough times it is even more required.

So let’s discuss how to maintain, train and obtain the right and capable staff in your retail stores

Hiring Process

Crystal, clear, and crisp recruiting process is a critical step, to begin with, as your greater part of work is done when you enlist the right candidate for the task you are looking at to get accomplished. It has been seeing that you need to invest and contribute less energy and time to candidates employed with legitimate procedures and proper RJP desires.

Grooming Standards

High-quality grooming standards are the first things of the many which Customer observe while entering and interacting in the store. staff must be in neat and clean ironed clothes, clean shoes or sandals, wearing store uniform if any, neat and clean hands with nails cut off, no bad habit of chewing tobacco, gums, smoking cigarettes especially during working hours as a customer hate and put off with any bad odor or smell. Well-groomed and presentable staff is always going to deliver their best possible performance as they feel confident while working, interacting with customers, and likely to close the sales often.

Training & Development

Invest in quality Product/ Personal training on regular basis, This is something which every retailer now should start focusing and practicing without fail as in today’s time customer is quite aware, educated about the product and their shopping habits. Today’s technology actually increased their reach & educated them about the overall brand experience and nowadays they are looking ahead for more than just shopping, they wanted to have an international experience for the brand they are looking at shopping for. So right product training aligns with the right sales training is extremely important here because the well trained and well-groomed staff will always go to give them the right experience in terms of their expectations while coming down to your store and chances of conversion increases.

Incentives & Perks

Importance of aggressive but at the same time achievable incentive targets is something which most franchisee and retailers ignores and do not practice the way it has to be done. Incentives money straight away could be the major driving factor and motivational factor for any staff to do the job they are expected to do. Most of the successful organizations believe in the practice of aggressive incentive programs for the salespeople. Anything beyond salary coming down into their pocket is always good, so it’s highly recommendable for the retailers to have aggressive & regular incentive programs for their floor staff.

Trust your Staff & allow them to lead

Motivating staff is just not giving them the flexibility of time offs. Its actually about to give them a purpose and allowing them to think that they are trusted, valued, and their opinion matters. let them lead and show them the bigger picture as what they are doing and leading in the way will contribute hugely to the result. Motivated and charged team members will go beyond and ahead of what you expect of them.

Appropriate & Standard working hours for better work-life balance

Work-life balance is simple terms seems quite a big word for small retailers but pretty easy to follow if someone is willing to do it..! your Rollout process should include small practices like Weekly Off, Fun incentives, Family outings, Work shift as per Govt mandate, Knowledge upscale opportunity, education support budget, Award & Rewards practices, etc. Once the staff is involved, motivated & feel connected they will push limits to come ahead and contribute to the achievement of the common goals. A culture that gives importance to work-life balance, yields increased productivity, and overall satisfaction in the place of work.

Be Fair & Transparent

Be Transparent and fair with them and show them that they are important to you. Always keep them in a loop to some extent as what is happening around while you taking big decisions, so they can share the feedback and contribute to the overall health of your business.

Try to build hygienic & modern workplace environment in your store

We spend almost more than half of working life in our Place of work and by this principle, it is the second most important place after our home. If that is true it should be taken care of really well by employers as the more it is safe and modernizes the more will be satisfaction and productivity as it will help to equip staff to perform with the best of their ability and efficiency.



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