6 Best Tips to search for a retail job of your choice in Slow down


As we all are witnessing the challenging times right now and still facing difficulties in our day to day life and commuting caused due to virus and lockdown, the market structure in customer interface retail business putting a lot of pressure in retail jobs and job loss happening most of the places.

The following article discusses the tips and specific skill set needed to score in your interviews along with how to find a retail job that suits you and gets you an interview opportunity with leading firms.

We know that Retail jobs can be fun and fulfilling and may lead to some wonderful career prospects with well-paid ones as well. Landing with that ideal retail job, though, can be a tough task.

Following 6 tips with elaborative actions will support to get you on your way to grab the retail job of your choice.


1. Market your skillset well enough with “well-written Resume” to find a retail job

  • A well-written resume solves 50% of the objective and gives a professional approach to your job find effort & will go far once shared while you are looking for a retail job.
  • Spend some money as it is worth the money to hire someone professional who knows what they generating for you.
  • Keep it crisp and focused, but make sure that you have enough bio & body of work mentioned to effectively exemplify you and your past work experience.
  • Make a summary at the start energetic, well-written, and clever for getting the attention of reviewer making your resume engaging.
  • Include industry-specific jargon and mention your achievements with each past experience.
  • Include all possible work experience while writing a resume as you don’t know what interviewer is actually looking for apart from a specific requirement you have been called for.

2. Smart use of social media to optimize your networking to find a retail job

  • The classified section of your local newspaper is irrelevant now as most of the hiring managers share & put the jobs on social media profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp, Job Forums, etc.
  • You can visit brands, placements the company’s social media profile to browse, and place your resume for listed positions posted.
  • Prepare your social media profile skillfully and with a clean profile picture mentioning your likes and dislikes carefully as the recruiter might make an opinion basis that. (especially LinkedIn Profile).
  • Keep searching and sharing maximum platforms to share your requirement. When you are looking for retail jobs, you can’t bound yourself to just one place for your job search.
  • Ask for freelancing work on social media to show your skill sets and you might have caught an eye of potential recruiters or a manager.
  • Think big and increase your search options with an innovative approach without sounding “spammy”.

3. Network Yourself well to reach the maximum inbox

  • Networking is the best way to find out who is hiring in your related industry domain. Speak more to peers and industry experts working at senior positions.
  • You can pay personal visits to stores to see if they have any spots vacant at any other location. Collect business cards, emails, or try to develop repo with the staff who works there. This helps a lot.
  • If the specific store you have visited isn’t hiring, most floor staff in the retail industry hang onto their ear to the industry vibes and can be a great source of info on “who is hiring in the trade”.
  • Send well-written emails with a copy of “cover Letter + Resume” to these e-mail addresses you have collected asking for a job or available openings.
  • Try to connect with some industry folks professionally, in person, and even through social media and start inquiring about who is currently hiring or any suitable openings for you. Maintain the conversation and keep in touch with them.
  • It helps to give reference and gain industry knowledge when you are in the market to start job hunting.

4. Go extra mile with a one step forward

  • Pls remember that every other candidate or peer who is looking for a job in the retail industry same as you are doing the exact same thing. You need to stand out and take extra effort.
  • Browse the websites of placement agencies/brands/companies that you would like to work for and see if they are posting for a vacancy there.
  • Many companies prefer to post a vacancy on their websites instead of social media or job portals.
  • Improve your chances by going off the road and checking the company’s public forum and register your presence and post your reviews.
  • Offer your expertise as a freelancer/consultant via their channel network (franchise or distributor, CF agent) to show your skillset and readiness being a suitable candidate.
  • Cold calling – simple it is, put on your most professional clothes, grab some resume copies, and walk right into the stores.

5. Shortlist your focus area

  • By shortlisting your focus area, you can really increase your chances of landing a job because your efforts are targeted on a specific brand, company, or skill set.
  • If you focus on any job or skill areas, your interest and skillsets won’t shine through on your resume as that will make it large and difficult for the interviewer to understand your potential.
  • By shortlisting your focus, you can adapt and design each resume to that respective company.
  • An approach or resume that is designed just for the specific company and job position and sent to a few places is far more active and generates required authority sounding less desperate.
  • When a vacancy arises, your resume will be in the pile and they just may give you a call.
  • Pl remember, problem areas that get focused gets measured and resolve finally.

6. Sell yourself in an Interview

  • Always sell yourself as you sell to the customer while on the floor, remember while hiring for the retail job the most preferred skill set is “Retailing”, you will be obligatory to sell, so begin by selling yourself.
  • Ensure to give your 100% effort when you are applying or interviewing for a retail job showing all possible knowledge and skillset you hold.
  • When you are speaking about one of your networking contacts referred you, keep a professional approach, you never know who is looking at you, who is watching.
  • If you can satisfy the evaluator that you can sell, you have won half the battle.
  • Keep your answer close to what you have mentioned in your resume, as the questions mostly will be based on your body of work and required skill set.
  • Don’t forget to greet and say “thank you” once you finished, yes it makes a lot of difference and shows your grateful attitude.

Bonus Tips

  1. Have a profile on Job portals and apply at least 25 jobs per day.
  2. You can also search “Quora” and answer question there to gain a great lead or openings.
  3. Pay for the services offer by job portals if you can afford it. (not necessary & not effective in my personal experience).
  4. When you go in to interview, have your act organized, and don’t forget to ask for feedback.
  5. Prepare for the part in advance, resume in hand, with references and, yes, a pen and diary to show your sincerity.
  6. Bring a clean, professional copy (bond paper print) of your resume so that you are ready to place it in the company, who could be your next employer.

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