6 Best Ideas to Increase Footfalls in Your Retail Store


Increase Footfalls of customers to a retail store have been a clear-cut measure of its success and it is wonderful to see it is still very much relevant and required to succeed in any retail operation set up despite the digitization of the market these days.

If you own a retail store, marketing & various promotional exercises to get the footfalls to your store is a quick and tested method of improving your Sales. For that, you will require notable information to set a benchmark and to make a promoting technique likewise.

However, to arrive at a larger pie of potential customer footfalls in the store is still a major challenge for retailers and one of the key retail KPI on which all retailers put maximum effort and time.

Just an example, there is a nearby kids’ clothing retail store I usually prefer to visit, but I incline to only visit when I know that their new seasonal launch products are in.

So how do you bring customers to your retail shop on a frequent basis? here are six ideas to comfort you out and help to understand the retail math of footfalls.


Collect Customer Data & Analysis it to increase footfalls

Invest in good CRM if you want to play along with inning in retail and collect maximum data related to sales and walk-ins, bills, discounts, etc. Once the footfall data is assembled, analyze it to know the various facts that can be embedded in your sales strategy. Get the retail math done of the following aspects to analyze:

  • Good Footfall Conversion rate – Number of bills divided by Number of footfalls, ideally 40% customer footfalls should be converted into a sales invoice.
  • If you have an online store, analyze the percentage of purchases against the site visitors.
  • Work upon and understand the source from where your customers coming in the majority and get to know about your shop. That’s where you have to spend more of your marketing budget.
  •  Work out the number of repeat customers, their buying cycle, and the reason they want to come again as they have the key story you must be looking for and later can be replicated with others.
  • Catch the busiest retail time and day for your store and design your strategy around the same.
  • Take feedback and Interact with your customers regularly to understand the bounce rate.

Regular Replenishment in Product Assortment

  • One of the biggest challenge and thumb rules of a successful retail business is the rate and speed in which a retailer focus and complete the product replenishment activity as an SOP.
  • Your regular shoppers may not be coming back to your store because they assume it is just the same old product assortment.
  • New walkers coming down to your store to browse and find something new but will make an opinion of an old story set up and might not come back.
  • To increase footfalls ensure to change the displays and product assortments at the start of every month in the shop, even make a practice to highlight and dedicating an area of the store to “New arrivals” in the Shop.

Run Regular Seasonal Offers

  • Everyone loves chasing for a bargain and want to end up with a curtailed rate.
  • Have season offers available in-store and do market them well through your promotional activities
  • Run customer reward schemes or loyalty programs and do not forget to shout about it through various mediums.
  • Run a contest of “claim your offer” on the spot with some innovative ideas like rolling dice or fortune wheel.
  • You can have a “purple day or an orange day offer” on the respective color merchandise which might be not selling well and a high stock aging.
  • You can have a dedicated “reduced price” section in your shop (maybe a back room or a mezzanine floor) with discount priced or previous season discontinued items for liquidation.
  • All above are just a few ideas, you can be creative as hell here…. So keep inventing.
  • Make sure your shop exploits on these occasions in terms of assortments and sales promotions to increase footfalls.

Announce Regular Event or Workshops in Store to increase footfalls

  • The best thing about retail shopping is that it is more of an experience than a drill.
  • Get customers in by offering one-day exclusive product demonstrations, service camp, exchange offers, loyalty card dispersal, élite services, or a limited collection invite.
  • Get creative such as Kids Fashion Week, Senior Citizen programs, blood donation camp, meet your local heroes, drawing competitions, etc – whatever suits your business or trade type.

Social Media Marketing Integration

  • Email marketing is still effective if used properly and with predefined goals. Get it in Practice.
  • Simply ask customers if they wish to get your monthly email alert showcasing in-store events, offers, new arrivals, memberships, etc.
  • Have dedicated social media pages and ask the customer to follow them where you will post new updates about the store on regular basis.
  • Incentivize them to visit your social media and shares. Offer them a 10% voucher if they share the post with their followers.
  • Put all of this information on a business card, as well as put the information on the tags of the products you sell, the footer of your invoice can carry your brand’s list.
  • Design a shopping carry bag to showcase the brands you deal with.

Design an attractive façade with inviting Window Display

  • The first thing what customer sees about your store is the façade and the window display.
  • Get it designed elegantly and spruce it up in alignment with your store theme.
  • Pl, ensure the color combination and signage align with each other.
  • Proper and well-lit signage and window display area is a must-have attribute to attract the footfalls.
  • Keep changing the window display in each interval as per the season launch.
  • Innovative Display of your key “Marcom” products in your window to have customers wonder about it and at the end coming down to check and browse it.
  • A logical and creative window brings products close to life and its application which attracts shoppers to directly relate with your brand.

Coming time will decide and define that shopping habits change again for sure in new normal, but for now, the most important task for brick and mortar stores still is to get a little more creative with their approach in inviting and addressing their customers


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