4 Sales Leadership Styles & Energies to Look for


Nothing occurs without strong and Thoughtful Leadership. Truth be told, any business be retail or trade is guarded by the capacity of the leader. Invest in your leaders if you want to grow your business and its reach and help them to develop their Sales Leadership Styles.

Let you or your employee become the leader of the right thoughtful energies that allow cultivating the right culture in the place of work.

Assemble your administration skills as without a strong leader, or leadership team, a business can face a lack of motivation from its staff, low morale, and even lost opportunities.

The importance of Sales Leadership Styles during these testing times is even more vital. The right leadership can have many advantages including –  

Trigger vision and values among your team Lift morale guarantees effective & productive communication

Motivates employees to push their limits at work and outperform Provides apt resources to accomplish given job or task

Build right and competitive culture in place of work Gets results in time with laying platform for future developments

Effective manpower management with minimum attrition


There are in majority of 4 types of “Leadership Spirit” you keep looking while choosing a leadership role. None of the following styles or sprit we call is lesser or higher than each other and can aptly adopt by basis the situation we are dealing with. Like they say “not one size fits them all” and every business needs a different leadership attitude provided the kind of challenges they are dealing with.

4 leadership energies

Process Oriented Leadership Attributes

1. Clear & Structured Plan

2. Fact & Evidence based working

3. Information & context-based logics – What? When? How? Where? 4. Process Detailing in each step

5. Takes Time to prepare & reflect

6. Context before and content after

7. Recaps & Confirmation Process

8. Remain Focused

9. Have Alternatives and always ready with plan B

10. Support other’s Point and example

11. Share all the information


People Oriented Leadership Attributes

1. Establish a strong connection with an excellent engagement

2. Focused ability in discussion

3. Emphasis on time to build relationships

4. Meaningful results – ups or down

5. Finds win-win solutions in complex situations

6. A space to teach and help others

7. Advance notices, no surprises

8. 100% listening and caring attitude

9. Pushes Inclusive forum for discussion

10. Time for reflection and set clear cut deadlines

11. Be respectful and compassionate tone of voice


Action Oriented Leadership Attributes

1. Clear objective and purpose with zero tolerance

2. Strict but useful results and gets things done

3. To the point, use bullets points, to-do list in advance, contextual and brief

4. Focus on the bottom line

5. Purposeful thinking

6. Business focused, less time for socializing

7. Follow the agenda

8. Immediate fulfillment

9. Tell me when to slow down attitude

10. Always open to new idea

11. Compassionate tone as needed  


Creativity Oriented Leadership Attributes

1. Provide Vital space to be creative, constructive and get results

2. Achieve a mutual benefit

3. Look for the benefit and purpose in the task

4. Pleasant facial expression

5. Continuous positive strengthening

6. External recognition

7. Listen sportively to any ideas

8. Involve and motivate team members

9. Ask question and set deadlines

10. It is ok to go Off the topic

11. Be optimistic, kind, flexible and use visual aids


Hope the above information helps in understanding the different attributes and touchpoint a leadership style can get. Apt leader mostly will get you the right results in time.


 Thank You

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