स्वदेशी Microprocessor Challenge – A Govt of India Initiative to Promote “Atmanirbhar Bharat”


MeitY (Govt of India) has announced “स्वदेशी Microprocessor Challenge” under Aatmanibhar Bharat Abhiyan.

Under the Vocal for Local initiative, there is an increasing requirement for Swadeshi Compute Hardware, that can take place in every Smart Device deployed in different public or private domains, including Electronics for public use services such as advanced Surveillance cameras, Public Transportation, Environmental occurrence observing, to private electronic product appliances like smart fans/ locks/ washing machines, etc.

In addition, with growing penetration of smart electronics in strategic areas including Space, Defense, and Nuclear energy, the need for Swadeshi Compute Hardware is crucial.  Source – “स्वदेशी Microprocessor Challenge”

The drive of developing homegrown microprocessor also help in reducing the dependence on outside vendors, long term cost-effective nourishment, rapid improvements to aid the quickly growing requirements due to fast digitization of global market day by day.


What is microprocessor?

In simple words the microprocessor is an electronic piece which helps computer or any electronic devise to do its work.

It is kind of a Nanotechnology, versatile chronometer that register digital integrated binary data as input, processes it as per the instructions given/storage in its memory, and delivers results in the binary arrangement as output.

The main job of a microprocessor is to collect data in large and reduce it to a smaller scale to process it and reduce the load of the Central processing unit. Microprocessors single-chip helps computers to build blocks of the information gathered and process ahead.

Technically microprocessor is a computer processor chip that joins the various roles of a CPU on a single (or multiple) cohesive circuit of MOSFET construction.


Why home grown microprocessor under Atmanirbhar Bharat?

  • Under the “Microprocessor Development Program” organized by MeitY country will get to develop & design the process of world-class industry-grade Microprocessors from the start.
  • Also, it will aid the computer ecosystem around to grow as a big technical footstep towards reaching India’s forthcoming economical stimulus to the resilient ecosystem of start-ups, innovators & researchers in the country.
  • A home-grown processor is also expected to decrease the load of imports & external dependency.
  • Manufacturers of electronics devices in India could use the quick and competitive availability of a homegrown device with the extra benefit of having the design and support team in close reach.
  • The homegrown substance also reduces the external penetration threat most-importantly in nation Security, which energies #AatmaNirbharta in the Hardware domain as well.

Scope for स्वदेशी Microprocessor Challenge?

Microprocessor challenge calendar

MeitY announces Swadeshi Microprocessor Challenge under Atmanirbhar Bharat to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship by taking up complex designs in the country and innovate frugal solutions around the home-grown processor ecosystem, catering to both global and domestic requirements under Atmanirbhar Bharat.

The incubation support to the winning teams will be provided by an Incubator located at their geographical proximity coordinated by Maker Village.


Limitation for “Homegrown Microprocessor Idea” in India

  • Lack of good design and organized ecosystem wherein a simple microprocessor is created.
  • The microelectronic manufacturing and designing industry in India is all at the developing level & more of theoretical awareness.
  • For microelectronic design and manufacturing possibility to create a simple project with outdated processing factors has led to the phenomena wherein there is no active community for electronic/hardware in India.
  • A large amount of critical thinking is required where likeminded people can meet, and work on projects.
  • Lack of resources at ground level to create simple circuits using advanced inscription technology for the general public in India.
  • Lack of awareness among Students to learn hardware development in India because they know there is no manufacturing scope.


  • There has to be a way and this can only be done by a strict high expert committee formed, in fast track, and huge spending in this industry for several years and subsidy provided to the student to research and create their own chipset.
  • Govt. should start public laboratories, where likeminded people can meet, and work on projects. People will join even if it has monthly fees like 4000-5000.
  • To maintain the quality of members in laboratories, govt. can also take entrance exams that require no degree.
  • It can be tried as a startup idea too if you have money.


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